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Are you one of the 37 Million Americans who suffers from headache and nerve pain? Do you feel as though your headaches and nerve pain inhibit you from completing your daily tasks? Do you feel helpless? Dr. Mahyar Okhovat, MD and his team of professionals welcomes you to Okhovat Neurological Centers, the premier center that aims to alleviate your headache and nerve pain. Based off of Dr. Okhovat’s patient specific program, Dr. Okhovat and his team have a track record of not only alleviating patients of their pain, but also preventing future aches.


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We are committed to bringing you the care you need to remain safe and healthy. Telemedicine

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Videonystagmography (VNG) is a test that measures a type of involuntary eye movement called nystagmus. These

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Nerve Conduction

A nerve conduction study (NCS) is another study that helps Dr. Okhovat and his staff properly

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Nerve Blocks

A nerve block is the injection of medication onto or near the nerves. It involves the

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Botox for Chronic Migraine

Chronic migraines are a nuisance to every day tasks. However, BOTOX® is the first and only

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In order to ensure a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Okhovat utilized Electromyography, or EMG,

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Each year, an estimated 69 million people suffer from traumatic brain injury/concussion worldwide. In most patients

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Clear communication between patients and Dr. Okhovat, the trained staff promises to create a pleasant environment where patients feel comfortable communicating their symptoms.



We provide services in the Los Angeles area, Encino and Thousand Oaks.


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We have a 4.9 rating on Google and 4.5 on Yelp.


What our happy patients say

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Dr. Okhovat has helped me greatly over the last several years.

I was unable to work a 5-day week until he correctly identified my medical issue and prescribed several helpful alternatives to solve my problem. He has demonstrated a higher level of caring and compassionate than most other physicians that I have encountered.

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Dr. Okhovat is the doctor you want to see if you want a doctor to truly care about you.

He isn't just a doctor that writes a prescription and sends you on your way. Dr. Okhavat makes sure all your questions are answered. No long waiting and yet you are never rushed out. What's even more amazing is that every single person that works for Dr. Okhavat is kind and caring and happy to see you.

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I have seen a handful of pain doctors and here is what makes Dr. Okhovat different.

He doesn't just write scripts, he looks at the X-Rays and we talk about all pain relief options. I am not interested in a doctor who won't even request an X-ray. I want to know improvement not where and why. He was my doctor for 5 years and by far the best! I moved otherwise I would still be seeing him.

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I had a car accident and my orthopedic surgeon recommended Dr Okhovat.

Staff is friendly and efficient. The doctor has great bedside manner and makes you feel at ease. Especially the EMG nerve test was not what I expected at all. It was not pleasant but he was informative & helped me through the painful process.

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Trust us to be there to help you and make things well again

Remember that health is a process. Start today!


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